Blood and Wrath

Force of Nature


The party ‘sails’ the mud ship away from the ancient Mud Sorcerer bastion off into a wild forest. As they pass through the forest, they uncover a series of tremors and earthquakes. After touching base with the local town, Elkridge, and its ruler, Vlayn Felstorm (a middle-aged female human and the leader of Elkridge), Vlayn reveals that Elkridge sits near a convergence of three ley lines, which might explain why the tremors and shock waves are felt more strongly here than in outlying areas.

Alhora and Zen map out the ley lines and figure out they intersect at a particular location (see image), ancient shrine made of of cleared forest around 6 4feet tall obelisks.


After battling 5 Yan-Ti and 5 humans the party killed 8 of them, leaving only 1 human and 1 Yuan-Ti. The remaining Zealots activated some sort of portal/worm hole by knocking over the obelisks. At that point, The party beholds an impossible sight: A gargantuan elk climbs out of the arcane rift, with antlers that stretch above the forest canopy. The creature snorts a blast of hot air and proceeds to walk out of the basin toward Elkridge. The great elk shakes its powerful horns and instantly reduces the trees in its path to splinters, raining down fragments of shattered timber. As the creature sunders a path through the forest, a trail of gnarled roots spontaneously grows out of the trampled forest floor.

The breach from which the elk emerged is a gaping maw, 45 feet across, spewing arcane energy. Thorny tendrils creep out of the rift and begin to blanket the entire basin with aggressive briars.



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