Blood and Wrath

Into the Mud Sorcerer's Tomb

The party gets back to Adamus and Ka’rl with the Gyrocopter. Adamus vows to pull out Antilles’ eye.

MM35_PG190.jpgThe party gets made honorary member of the Cormyr nation. Slerrggg overhears details about a tomb that may have belonged to the Mud Wizards.
h4. Summary

The party meets the Head War wizard and eventually, the party receives a charter to allow them to pass the" Purple Dragons": guarding the tomb.

The party figures out how to open the tomb and proceeds to enter. Sllerrgg finds a black key. Gallifrey discovers a room full of Eyeballs (on the wall) that cry acid. She finds a secret door which the party uses to get in. They fight 3 golems and discover a bunch of treasure. The party goes on to find 6 coffins; 2 of which are quite large. 2 giant mummies smash through their coffins. 1 gets turned, the other is destroyed.

XP Awards:

Adamus: 1600 Exp
Ren: 2400 Exp
Splerrgg: 2400 Exp
Gallifrey: 1600 Exp
Karl: 1215 Exp



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