Blood and Wrath

Into the Rift

Swamp cabin
The party set off in the Necreme, following the lanterns to a dock and cabin set on the edge of a waterfall. Zen noticed the very fabric of magic was being torn. the damage was getting worse and the boat neared its desitnation. Ka’rl guided the skeletons to the cabin where Admaus and Ka’rl jumped off the boat to fight 2 canoloths. Gallifrey was able to move silently and use her slipper of spider climbing to get into position to flank the same canoloth Adamus was fighting. Ka’rl’s mythical axe came to life and set off a tremendous sonic boom that not only exploded his foe into thousands of pieces, but also filled the rift with a loud, deafening explosion. After making short work of this pair, the party made its way into the cabin, where they dealt with a 3rd canoloth that managed a sneak attack on the group.
Ka’rl deftly grabbed the canoloth’s tongue . Zen shot her magic missile (that looks like wispy black smoke) at it that traveled around the cabin, though the door, then to the target – she was able to point it by looking in the window. Gallifrey smashed the window and shot a bolt through it. Cesal jumped through the glass to attack it. . The party soon damaged it to the point where it ran way. They were not able to kill it before it bounded away, too fast for Gallifrey to follow.
Black dragon
After catching their breath, the party moved onto the walkway into the great unknown. After moving a for a bit, the shadowy gloom gave way to a huge tower sitting on a tremendous pile of bones. Just as the tower came into view, a large black dragon swooped in from what passes for a sky on the plane of shadow. This was an odd looking dragon, one with glowing runes on its body. Every ran to the tower full speed, Cesal in front. Ka’rl got stuck behind Adamus and the of them paid the price by getting hit with a cone of black shadow crystals that burned they bodies through their enchanted plate armor.
Bone golem
Cesal ran right into a large Bone Golem which immediately gave him mortal damage with 2 insanely large morning stars. Adamus rushed the vile automaton, stepping on the dying cesal’s head in the process. Gallifrey ran to her fellow tribesman’s aid and rescued him by using a magic healing potion. The party quickly surrounded the canoloth, while cesal deftly tumbled under the creature’s legs and out the opposite door. Surrounding the golem allowed them to flank it, but also made them susceptible to its devastating whirlwind attack. All except Zen who flapped her wings above , just out of reach. She rained down dragon breath and cones of steam breath, trying to take it down. Gallifrey’s attempts at crtical hits were negated by the creature’s un-life – it was magically animated!

Despite all the damage the party was doing, the creature would not go down. It have a mechanical system of applying blood packets to itself that was regenerating much of the damage the party was doing. With this in mind, Cesal (whose devastating mind powers had no effect on this mind-less creature) bravely went back into the room and nailed an impossible shot that broke the creature’s healing system. Soon after that the party took down the giant-sized bone creature.

Adamus and Ka’rl elected to head back to their boat, but the rest of the party refused to go back and subject themselves to a possible dragon attack. Zen particularly wanted to stay to recharge her magic spells.

Base XP Awards

  • Adamus gained 1200xp for 35210 total
  • Cesal gained 2250xp for 14750 total
  • Galifrey gained 1800xp for 20674 total
  • Ka’rl gained 1470xp for 26214 total
  • Zen gained 1470xp for 24203 total

Extra XP Awards


  • great roleplaying +300xp
  • death blow to golem +100 xp


  • avoiding Dragon +100xp
  • saving Cesal’s life +100xp


  • avoiding Dragon +100xp
  • for taking out the blood packet system on the Golem and fine roleplaying +300xp


  • 100xp for avoiding Dragon
  • good tactics re: fighting the golem and fine roleplaying 200xp


  • great roleplaying +300xp
  • successful smell check that saved the party from a sneak attack +100xp

Final XP Awards

  • Adamus gained 400xp for 35610 total
  • Cesal gained 400xp for 15150 total
  • Galifrey gained 200xp for 20874 total
  • Ka’rl gained 400xp for 26614 total
  • Zen gained 300xp for 24503 total



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