Blood and Wrath

Into the Shadow Realm...



After Zen spoke to and fed some mudfish from in the waters of the" Vast Swamp":, the Heroes of the Rising Moon decided to infiltrate the long ago abandoned Cormyrian Keep that is currently overrun by Shadowed touched Lizard folk led by a 1/2 Black Dragon.

Deciding to enter through a breach at the rear of the octagonal tower, the party quickly dispatched a Shadow Mastif, 2 extraplanar Fey and 2 Lizard Folk of the Shadow Scale tribe that decided down the stairs during the initial melee.

After this combat, Gallifrey went up the stairs invisibly, courtesy of Zen’s magic. Despite walking at a volume inaudible to the majority of Faerûn’s denizen’s, Gallifrey stopped just short of crashing into an immense, monstrous humanoid that can only be described as an odd giant with a crocodile’s head and a long muscular tail. After some steam breath by Zen, the giant sized beast stepped back and undid the manacles of a lizard folk prisoner to try and throw him down the stairs. The stairs were too tight for it to want 2 maneuver and fight at the same time.

Shadarkai illo

Ultimately it was a combination of attacks that took took the mighty creature. Adamus got a few Uthgar-enhanced blows from his sacred Hammer of Grumesh in before keeping the monster mouth busy with his body. Zen’s Magic Missiles, smite actions by Ka’rl and a few key back-stabs from Gallifrey (who got into position by tumbling behind the beast with her slippers of spider climbing) eventually brought the beast down.

After the party took down the khumat, they freed the emaciated Sharptooth Clan lizard folk and wish them well as they ran away to freedom. But before the former prisoners left, they told Zen (in Draconic) about a secrete revolving statue the party could use to access the main chamber where the odd black hole that emanated tendrils was; Zen had observed this room while in gaseous form during an earlier scouting mission and knew the room to be guarded by a combination of a sextet of Shadar-Kai (1 of which was a sorcerer), and Ketsarra Shadowscale, a half black dragon.

The Party defeated all the guards and proceeded through the portal in search of more answers regarding the evil, Shar-related plot of turning mind controlled people into evil creatures of shadow.

XP Awards

The party recieved an extra 1500xp for freeing the lizard men, saving the dwarf slayer’s life and all around great role playing and team work.

  • Adamus: 3450
  • Gallifrey: 5062
  • Ka’rl: 4050
  • Zen: 5062



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