Blood and Wrath

Mud Sorcerer's Tomb - More Traps, Monsters and a Mud Ship

Tzila.jpgThe party Just finishing battling what turned out to be Tzolo’s sister, Tzila. She emerged from a red marble sarcophagus covered with carvings of serpents, worms, roses, and toads surrounded by eighteen green basalt statues of fly-headed humanoids line the walls of this chamber. The party kills her and takes her magic mace. They also take an ornate box of blue steel (50 gp) that contains a potion of invisibility, a potion of speed, a scroll of cure critical wounds, and a scroll of cone of cold.

At this point, the group realizes they been in the tomb so long they ran through their supply of food. After a vote, the party decides they do not want to rest for fear of what may attack them.

They exit the secret chamber that house’s Tzila’s stasis-held body and exit through the same secret door in the 30’ tall elephant colossus they used to enter. The party is careful not to touch the 8 red marble statues of tiger-headed humanoids for fear of setting traps. They couldn’t pass up the 3 gems in the Elephant’s head. Gallifrey successfully manages to get the gem stones, after deftly escaping a trap in the colossus’ hand.

The party tries to get back to the room they discovered with the Mud Ship (named the Uzrivoy). However, they discover the secret door they used to enter the chamber with the Mud Ship has been sealed shut. Zen deduces that the elephant tusks from the colossus would fit in a curved slot on the door at a good enough angle to move the heavy stone door.

Everyone goes back to the room with the colossus where Zen uses her powers to explode the stone around one of the tusks loosening it in the process. The tusk was filled with a magic gas that damaged many in the party, including Gallifrey, who began to die. She was saved from death by the power of Uthgar channeled by Ka’rl.

The magic made the tusk unusable. The party was very divided on how to proceed with how to extract the second tush. Adamus, upset with all the talk, took the magic carpet out of the bag of holding and used it to fly up to the tusk and unscrew it. Splerrg assisted Adamus in pulling open the door.

After going through the doors, the party holds their breath and runs through another room that had yet another false tomb of Tzolo. When the party had previously been in this room, Splerrg summoned water to extinguish the candles that gave off a magic, poisonous smoke.

The party finally makes it back to the Vault of the Uzrivoy. The party decides to ignore the Mud ship and the sarcophagus Splerrg had found previously under the ship. Instead they focus on a secret door they were unable to open before. Adamus rummages through the Bag of Holding and discovers 4 stones engraved with the Mud Sorcerer symbols fit perfectly into 4 notches by the secret door.

The door opens to a very intimidating room:

The walls of this twenty-foot-square chamber depict dozens of animal-headed humanoids struggling to break free of thorny strangling vines. A dozen stoppered clay urns line the north and south walls, each bearing the picture of an animal-headed humanoid. Red, green, and gold ceramic tiles make up the floor.
On the east wall, above the mural, hangs a banner of red silk, embroidered over and over with the four mud sorcerer symbols. A broad, iridescent-green tapestry is suspended from the center of the ceiling. In the corners, four brass braziers, each filled with blue coals and dangling from delicate chains in the ceiling, hang four feet off the floor. A great black iron portal stands in the center of the east wall. The door is covered with complex etchings of various glyphs, although only the four mud sorcerer symbols are recognizable. A two- foot-diameter spherical cavity is in the center of the door.
The main feature of this room, however, is the sarcophagus. Seven feet long, three feet wide, and four feet high, the coffin is made of white marble, its sides carved to depict intertwining snakes and thorny roses. The lid has a bas-relief carving of an elephant-headed humanoid wearing an exquisite breastplate, its arms crossed over its chest. In one hand it holds a smooth oval stone, carved with the first mud sorcerer symbol. A sheathed bastard sword is at its side. The sculpture’s head protrudes from the lid more than the rest of its form, the curling trunk, sharp tusks, fanged maw, and evil eyes all carved in great detail.

Zen uses magic to pull the odd, small statue out of the secret door. Gallifrey enters the room. At that point a guttural whisper issues forth from the chamber. In Common, it says, “Grave robbers! Defilers! You have violated my tomb! I, the indomitable Tzolo, shall have my revenge! You shall all perish!” Immediately afterward, a high- pitched buzzing sound issues from within the room, and the green tapestry hanging from the ceiling unravels into a cloud of buzzing insects.

Splerrrg jumps in the water which saves him from being stung. The rest of the party gets stung. Zen uses her magical steam breath to take down a section of the insects, but it is quickly filled up again. Gallifrey uses a magic pearl that Zen gave her to send an explosive fireball into the room which clears another, albeit smaller section of bugs. However, Gallifrey inadvertently lights the 4 braziers which them begin to emit a smoke that drives the insects out of the room. The party quickly runs into the cleared out room for protection, because the larger room with the mud ship is full of the stinging insects.

Ka’rl buffs up Adamus and Wren. Wren’s bow is enchanted to perform better. Adamus doubles in height and is magically enhanced to move at the double the speed of normal time. At this point the party touches the sarcophagus, which create an intense magic forcefield. Zen fires off her readied magic missile, which harmlessly bounces off. She tries another damaging spell which also bounces off harmlessly. Gallifrey jumps on top the expanding sphere of force. The rest of the party gets their weapons ready. The carving of a humanoid on the top of the Sarcophagus turns into a menacing mud based humanoid with a set of sharp tusks and an exceptionally impressive greatsword.

gswrd.jpegWhen he is done forming, the sphere dissipates. This causes Gallifrey to fall onto the creatures head, where she then bounces off it and tumbles into a corner. Adamus repeated hits the mud elemental with the magic mace in a fury of speedy blows. Wren assaults the creature with 4 arrows. The elemental misses with 2 sword strikes on Adamus, he rams his tusks into Adamus’ chest. At that moment, Zen descends onto the creature and touches him from behind, delivering an acidic poison touch that kills the creature.

The Elemental disintegrates leaving nothing behind but a massive and deadly greatsword.


Awesome writeup, getting pumped for tomorrow’s game!


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