Blood and Wrath

Riding the Necreme

After the party gained command of the boat, Necreme, they followed a series of lanterns across swampy waters. The perpetual gloom on the Shadow plane makes only on lantern visible at time. During this journey, they were attacked by an undead dragon turtle that the party eventually defeated. Many in the party were thrown into the water when the huge dead beast knocked into it, but it was not sunk. Eventually, the party got back in the boat and are continuing their journey. Gallifrey and Cesal are anxious to find out who’s behind the evil alliance between Shar and Cyric. Ka’rl is wondering what his visions re: Uthgardt mean and what has happened to his patron now that he has lost his spells and gained his deity’s weapon.

Zen is feeling like the very fabric of the magic weave she taps into is being torn. And the tearing is feeling more severe as the boat nears its destination.



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