Blood and Wrath

Welcome back to the Material Plane!

Despayr the Dragon was defeated, and the PCs and surviving captives get back to the material plane. Upon entering the Lost Refuge (where the portal was), the PC’s discover the Sharptooth tribe in control of the ruin. They welcome the party and the rescued. The group then experienced the hospitality of a lizardfolk celebration; wreaths of swamp flowers, huge boars roasted over fires, and wild dances.
Back in Wheloon, Lord Redbeard and Consal Tholl go to greet the PCs as soo as they hear of their return. The PCs and the victims they rescued are brought to Lord Redbeards’s manor where all the clerics available in the city are brought to care for them. Upon hearing of the party’s exploits, he gives everyone a cash reward and 3 items (already distributed by the party); Wand of cure moderate wounds, scroll of Stoneskin and a +2 dagger. Tunaster also makes his people available to construct magic items for the party provided they pay for the materials (see magic item costs here). I think to date only Peter has had something made.
A week later, the Cormyr War Wizards arrive to deal with the broken Shadow Gate (that was sometimes making people turn into shadows and sometimes disintegrating them) and the Dusk Lord ‘s Passage (which sent people to the Shadow realm.
Comrmyr makes an alliance with the Sharptooth tribe, and some trade begins between the Lizardfolk and the people of Cormyr. Some of the mystery and danger is peeled away from the Vast Swamp , but most Cormyreans still wont go near the place. The PC’s gain fame among the War Wizards and Mystra’s clergy. The Highest level Uthgardt clerics may have used divination to scry how their powers were lost/gained but you don’t know yet.



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