Karl Boarbload

Cleric of Uthgar


The towering Northman wears heavy armor carved with images of boars, and weilds a massive, well worn battleaxe. A mighty cleric of Uthgar. Karl Boarblud stand 6’10", and weighs over 321lbs.


As a babe, Ka’rl was discovered abandoned in the rugged foothills of the Spine of the World, by an Uthgardt raiding party. Giving him the name “Ka’rl Jotunblud”, the young warrior learned the ways of the Griffon, but was haunted by dreams of a terrifying boar, and a giant warrior driving him on.

When the time came for Ka’rl to face his rites of manhood, the boy drank deeply of the dream broth and wandered deep into the mountains to find his warrior’s spirit. As he struggled through the elements and the strange visions brought by the broth, Ka’rl was attacked by a massive Boar. For days they fought and wrestled, tumbling down gulleys and charging up hills.

Too weary and bloodied to fight any more, the combatants collapsed on a large mound, in a deep and forgotten vale. Ka’rl realized this was an ancient holy place. He sat up atop the burial mound of a forgotten tribe, and saw scattered around him the giant tusks of their namesake.

On the verge of death, the boar looked to Ka’rl and spoke. He told of the bloodline of the Great Boar Tribe, scattered for hundreds of years by an act of evil magic. Through the power of Uthgar, Ka’rl’s destiny was to rebuild the Great Boar, seeking mighty warriors and the last vestiges of his kin, wherever they may have roamed. The beast named him Ka’rl Boarblud, and commanded him to travel forth and claim back his blood right with the strength of his axe.

Karl Boarbload

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