Water Genasi Ranger


2 Weapon fighting notes

Part Round Attack (when also moving)

  • 2 attacks with your +2 trident (attack bonus +11 and attack bonus +6) [ Damage is 1d8 + 3 ]

Full Round Attack (No movement beyond 5’) with 2 tridents

  • 2 attacks with your +2 trident (attack bonus +7 and attack bonus +2) [ Damage is 1d8 + 3 ]
  • 2 attacks with your +1 trident (attack bonus +3 and attack bonus +2) [ Damage is 1d8 + 2 ]

1st Favored Enemy: Were-Beast +4
2nd Favored Enemy: Outsider Fire Creature +2
Goals: Gain respect in the halls of Sebek, kill the lesser deity Malar, destroy Malar’s were-beast hordes
Origin: Orphaned. Raised by were-crocodiles and clerics of Sebek. Lineage unknown and/or hidden from him. Guided towards ranger class to learn to survive the Adder Swamps of Chessenta.
Companion: Kssssssssss
Crocodile / half cousin 3xs removed
Backstory: Born of blood and water in the Adder Swamps of Chessenta, the mysterious water genasi, known as Splerggg, roams the nether regions of the long forgotten realms seeking vengeance against a foe he cannot defeat, alone. Guided by the high clerics of the fallen house of Sebek, his constant struggle for survival against the were-beasts of the bog, led him to be a ranger. He ventured far from his home to find the weapon to vanquish the source of the were-beasts power. Aided by his ravenous half cousin and charming crocodile companion, a wake of death and carnage is carved through the kingdoms. He desires his name to be etched in the secret halls of his divine ruler. His hatred of Malar and his minions runs deep. Known throughout his realm as a masterful combatant, the high clerics entrusted him with the great trident of warning in the hopes that it will be driven into the heart of the evil beast lord. His faith in the clerics has been shaken when tasked with the impossible slaying of a lesser deity. Determined to complete the mission he hones his abilities and scours the earth to find a way to slay the beast. Sebek shall smile on his path toward victory or certain death.


Blood and Wrath Splerggg