Blood and Wrath

Force of Nature


The party ‘sails’ the mud ship away from the ancient Mud Sorcerer bastion off into a wild forest. As they pass through the forest, they uncover a series of tremors and earthquakes. After touching base with the local town, Elkridge, and its ruler, Vlayn Felstorm (a middle-aged female human and the leader of Elkridge), Vlayn reveals that Elkridge sits near a convergence of three ley lines, which might explain why the tremors and shock waves are felt more strongly here than in outlying areas.

Alhora and Zen map out the ley lines and figure out they intersect at a particular location (see image), ancient shrine made of of cleared forest around 6 4feet tall obelisks.


After battling 5 Yan-Ti and 5 humans the party killed 8 of them, leaving only 1 human and 1 Yuan-Ti. The remaining Zealots activated some sort of portal/worm hole by knocking over the obelisks. At that point, The party beholds an impossible sight: A gargantuan elk climbs out of the arcane rift, with antlers that stretch above the forest canopy. The creature snorts a blast of hot air and proceeds to walk out of the basin toward Elkridge. The great elk shakes its powerful horns and instantly reduces the trees in its path to splinters, raining down fragments of shattered timber. As the creature sunders a path through the forest, a trail of gnarled roots spontaneously grows out of the trampled forest floor.

The breach from which the elk emerged is a gaping maw, 45 feet across, spewing arcane energy. Thorny tendrils creep out of the rift and begin to blanket the entire basin with aggressive briars.

Mud Sorcerer's Tomb - More Traps, Monsters and a Mud Ship

Tzila.jpgThe party Just finishing battling what turned out to be Tzolo’s sister, Tzila. She emerged from a red marble sarcophagus covered with carvings of serpents, worms, roses, and toads surrounded by eighteen green basalt statues of fly-headed humanoids line the walls of this chamber. The party kills her and takes her magic mace. They also take an ornate box of blue steel (50 gp) that contains a potion of invisibility, a potion of speed, a scroll of cure critical wounds, and a scroll of cone of cold.

At this point, the group realizes they been in the tomb so long they ran through their supply of food. After a vote, the party decides they do not want to rest for fear of what may attack them.

They exit the secret chamber that house’s Tzila’s stasis-held body and exit through the same secret door in the 30’ tall elephant colossus they used to enter. The party is careful not to touch the 8 red marble statues of tiger-headed humanoids for fear of setting traps. They couldn’t pass up the 3 gems in the Elephant’s head. Gallifrey successfully manages to get the gem stones, after deftly escaping a trap in the colossus’ hand.

The party tries to get back to the room they discovered with the Mud Ship (named the Uzrivoy). However, they discover the secret door they used to enter the chamber with the Mud Ship has been sealed shut. Zen deduces that the elephant tusks from the colossus would fit in a curved slot on the door at a good enough angle to move the heavy stone door.

Everyone goes back to the room with the colossus where Zen uses her powers to explode the stone around one of the tusks loosening it in the process. The tusk was filled with a magic gas that damaged many in the party, including Gallifrey, who began to die. She was saved from death by the power of Uthgar channeled by Ka’rl.

The magic made the tusk unusable. The party was very divided on how to proceed with how to extract the second tush. Adamus, upset with all the talk, took the magic carpet out of the bag of holding and used it to fly up to the tusk and unscrew it. Splerrg assisted Adamus in pulling open the door.

After going through the doors, the party holds their breath and runs through another room that had yet another false tomb of Tzolo. When the party had previously been in this room, Splerrg summoned water to extinguish the candles that gave off a magic, poisonous smoke.

The party finally makes it back to the Vault of the Uzrivoy. The party decides to ignore the Mud ship and the sarcophagus Splerrg had found previously under the ship. Instead they focus on a secret door they were unable to open before. Adamus rummages through the Bag of Holding and discovers 4 stones engraved with the Mud Sorcerer symbols fit perfectly into 4 notches by the secret door.

The door opens to a very intimidating room:

The walls of this twenty-foot-square chamber depict dozens of animal-headed humanoids struggling to break free of thorny strangling vines. A dozen stoppered clay urns line the north and south walls, each bearing the picture of an animal-headed humanoid. Red, green, and gold ceramic tiles make up the floor.
On the east wall, above the mural, hangs a banner of red silk, embroidered over and over with the four mud sorcerer symbols. A broad, iridescent-green tapestry is suspended from the center of the ceiling. In the corners, four brass braziers, each filled with blue coals and dangling from delicate chains in the ceiling, hang four feet off the floor. A great black iron portal stands in the center of the east wall. The door is covered with complex etchings of various glyphs, although only the four mud sorcerer symbols are recognizable. A two- foot-diameter spherical cavity is in the center of the door.
The main feature of this room, however, is the sarcophagus. Seven feet long, three feet wide, and four feet high, the coffin is made of white marble, its sides carved to depict intertwining snakes and thorny roses. The lid has a bas-relief carving of an elephant-headed humanoid wearing an exquisite breastplate, its arms crossed over its chest. In one hand it holds a smooth oval stone, carved with the first mud sorcerer symbol. A sheathed bastard sword is at its side. The sculpture’s head protrudes from the lid more than the rest of its form, the curling trunk, sharp tusks, fanged maw, and evil eyes all carved in great detail.

Zen uses magic to pull the odd, small statue out of the secret door. Gallifrey enters the room. At that point a guttural whisper issues forth from the chamber. In Common, it says, “Grave robbers! Defilers! You have violated my tomb! I, the indomitable Tzolo, shall have my revenge! You shall all perish!” Immediately afterward, a high- pitched buzzing sound issues from within the room, and the green tapestry hanging from the ceiling unravels into a cloud of buzzing insects.

Splerrrg jumps in the water which saves him from being stung. The rest of the party gets stung. Zen uses her magical steam breath to take down a section of the insects, but it is quickly filled up again. Gallifrey uses a magic pearl that Zen gave her to send an explosive fireball into the room which clears another, albeit smaller section of bugs. However, Gallifrey inadvertently lights the 4 braziers which them begin to emit a smoke that drives the insects out of the room. The party quickly runs into the cleared out room for protection, because the larger room with the mud ship is full of the stinging insects.

Ka’rl buffs up Adamus and Wren. Wren’s bow is enchanted to perform better. Adamus doubles in height and is magically enhanced to move at the double the speed of normal time. At this point the party touches the sarcophagus, which create an intense magic forcefield. Zen fires off her readied magic missile, which harmlessly bounces off. She tries another damaging spell which also bounces off harmlessly. Gallifrey jumps on top the expanding sphere of force. The rest of the party gets their weapons ready. The carving of a humanoid on the top of the Sarcophagus turns into a menacing mud based humanoid with a set of sharp tusks and an exceptionally impressive greatsword.

gswrd.jpegWhen he is done forming, the sphere dissipates. This causes Gallifrey to fall onto the creatures head, where she then bounces off it and tumbles into a corner. Adamus repeated hits the mud elemental with the magic mace in a fury of speedy blows. Wren assaults the creature with 4 arrows. The elemental misses with 2 sword strikes on Adamus, he rams his tusks into Adamus’ chest. At that moment, Zen descends onto the creature and touches him from behind, delivering an acidic poison touch that kills the creature.

The Elemental disintegrates leaving nothing behind but a massive and deadly greatsword.

Maps of where you travelled so far


Mud Sorcerer's Tomb part 2


Click here to see all the player handouts that have been given out so far.
Click here to see all the Mud Sorcerer Lore that has been acquired to date. DC 15 is what Zen knew about them. Splergg knew that plus the DC 20 information. Once Alana joined, the party gained access to the DC25 information.

Day 1

The party enters the tomb be solving riddle. The depress the word “Elomcwe” in the order that spell “Welcome” to open the door. Once inside they hear a multitude of wailing voices.

The Entry chamber has 2 long pools and a square pool. Splurg dives into the square poll and finds a special black key that was used on the pillar in 4B (Chamber of Alcoves).

Gallifrey scouted ahead at this point into a Crying Eye Chamber; Eyes carved into the walls were crying very dangerous acid (3d10). She burnt her hand a bit but Ka’rl healed her. She finds a secrete door.

The party continued to the Chamber of Alcoves, where the party finds a +1 sword, and a +1 dagger. The find a piece of aged vellum with an inscription in Taalese (handouts 1). One on in the party could red it before, but they can now thanks to the addition of the new wizard to the group. Also, the party finds 15 gems each worth 100gp. Also, 2 yellow topazes are found worth 500 gp, a figurine resembling the cat headed statue in the room worth 750gp, a potion of healing, a potion of delusion (potion of flying) that later gets Adamus under water, and a scroll of stoneskin.

They also find a Dirt plot that the dig up to discover a corps. Conversation with the new wizard reveals that the red outfit it was buried in signified its station as a servant (most likely a servant a Tzolo who’s name has been dropped a bit during this adventure). Zen examines the corpse and determines there were signed of strangling with a garrote. The corpse clothed a sealed metal tube with a piece of vellum in Taalese , declaring loyalty to Tzolo (see handouts 2). The party can now read this scroll. The corpse wore a gold ring set with a topaz worth 250gp and an ancient sp in its teeth.

Room 6 had a stone face with a 1 foot passage through the nostrils to the other side of the face. Adamus was able to determine that face is a one way door that can be used to come into the room from the other side.

Room 7 had a few crypts that resulted in 4 Large Mummies, Ka’rl was able to help the party by turning 1/2 of the mummies away. They later hunted down and killed the remaining mummies. A lot of valuable treasure was found here that was already noted by the party. One mummy’s wrappings contained an inscription (see handouts 3).

Day 2

Water_elemental.jpg The next stone face encountered was around spot #8. Adamus set off a crazy wind trap by examining its ear holes. The trap causes the gate to area #7 to slam shut. Then a 10’ wide blast of wind erupts from the mouth. A few folks were pushed into the gate which was lined with daggers facing the face. (12d4) damage was taken. Adamus did find a green key in the first earhole he checked.

The party then turned to the North and entered a Long Pillared Hall (area #10). A dark suit of armor here exploded and caused the party damage.

Next, the party travelled west into a square room with lots of pillars; a Naga’s layer (Cenixil’s). They trade information about the tomb in exchange to let her live. Gallifrey would pay the price for this later.

The party here split up. Splurg and his crock headed east to investigate a secrete door that was found while the rest of the party teleported into some other location; presumably some other part of the tomb.

According the the Naga, Splurg avoids being turned mad by not looking at some fish in a pool. The Croc eats the fish. He uncovers a secret door in a stone face to a magic bow which he gives to Ren when they re-unite later. He uses a key he found in the poll to unlock the stone face’s latch.

The rest of the party encounters a Hag that mentions ’Tzolo’s glorious return to power’ before she is killed. The party takes her ring of bronze keys that later are found to unlock some cells. They party discovers a illusionary wall they pass through that goes to a secret door into the cells.

Before the party ventures to the cells, they get to a False Crypt. Ka’rl sets off a powerful illusion by touching a talisman that is found on a corpse. The wall appeared to move towards the party and throws some of them into a pit lined with spikes. The party finds many magic items and lots of expensive treasure that they put in the bag of holding along with the talisman. The party camps here.

Day 3

44198_C5_Ha-Naga.jpg The party travels through a corridor found leading out one of the cells. After another secret door, they party gets to a Moat Crypt. They fight 4 large water elementals and get a bit of loot from a body wrapped in unstained white line strips. They body was lying on a metal scroll tube that had a note (see handouts 7). The party is pretty banged up at this point but decides to continue on because they do not find a face place to rest. Ren almost dies during the encounter. Zen finds a Rod of absorption and Gallifrey turns into a man. many scrolls of spells are found at this point.

The party goes back to camp at the same spot as before. Turns are taken to guard. While Splurg is on duty, he gets take unaware by the Spirt Naga who charms him. She instructs him to kill his own party members. He starts by stabbing Gallifrey in the throat as she sleeps with his trident in 2 hands. As he lays dying, he then turns his attention to Adamus. Adamus wakes during the attack and attacks to grapple his charmed companion. The party wakes up little by little to face the Naga, who unleases a Fireball that incinerates the room. Gallifrey is dead. Ka’rl uses a raise dead scroll to bring her back to life, with one level less that she had before. His voice is healed during the process.

They party then goes back to try and rest. The rest of the evening is uneventful.

Day 4

dreadwraith.jpg The party decided to explore a watery passage they discover int eh Moat Crypt room that goes into a water Crypt. Some used dispel magic to disarm a 60 foot cone of cold. The chamber contains the first mud sorcerer symbol and the part determines that it will result in another teleportation. Someone drops a coin into the pool which unleashes a large Dread Wraith into the room that manages to rob ka’rl of 7 constitution points after he lands 2 powerful divine blows to the creature. All the other managed to damage the creature just before it could attack again. An attack that might have turned turned someone into a dread wraith! Much magic and loot is found here.

Into the Mud Sorcerer's Tomb

The party gets back to Adamus and Ka’rl with the Gyrocopter. Adamus vows to pull out Antilles’ eye.

MM35_PG190.jpgThe party gets made honorary member of the Cormyr nation. Slerrggg overhears details about a tomb that may have belonged to the Mud Wizards.
h4. Summary

The party meets the Head War wizard and eventually, the party receives a charter to allow them to pass the" Purple Dragons": guarding the tomb.

The party figures out how to open the tomb and proceeds to enter. Sllerrgg finds a black key. Gallifrey discovers a room full of Eyeballs (on the wall) that cry acid. She finds a secret door which the party uses to get in. They fight 3 golems and discover a bunch of treasure. The party goes on to find 6 coffins; 2 of which are quite large. 2 giant mummies smash through their coffins. 1 gets turned, the other is destroyed.

XP Awards:

Adamus: 1600 Exp
Ren: 2400 Exp
Splerrgg: 2400 Exp
Gallifrey: 1600 Exp
Karl: 1215 Exp

You can't steal our Gyro-Copter!

Pic1.jpgThe party (minus Adamus and Ka’rl) tracked the stolen gyro-copter to booby trapped lair where they fought through Phase Spiders and Antilles to get it back. Antilles got away by using magic to get away with his life – just barely!

The groups defeated 2 phase spiders, Antilles the Wizard, and recovered the Gyrocopter. Xp awards as follows:
Zen : 680 Exp
Gallifrey: 680 Exp
Sppleerrgg: 920 Exp
Ren: 920 Exp
Cecil: 830 Exp

Welcome back to the Material Plane!

Despayr the Dragon was defeated, and the PCs and surviving captives get back to the material plane. Upon entering the Lost Refuge (where the portal was), the PC’s discover the Sharptooth tribe in control of the ruin. They welcome the party and the rescued. The group then experienced the hospitality of a lizardfolk celebration; wreaths of swamp flowers, huge boars roasted over fires, and wild dances.
Back in Wheloon, Lord Redbeard and Consal Tholl go to greet the PCs as soo as they hear of their return. The PCs and the victims they rescued are brought to Lord Redbeards’s manor where all the clerics available in the city are brought to care for them. Upon hearing of the party’s exploits, he gives everyone a cash reward and 3 items (already distributed by the party); Wand of cure moderate wounds, scroll of Stoneskin and a +2 dagger. Tunaster also makes his people available to construct magic items for the party provided they pay for the materials (see magic item costs here). I think to date only Peter has had something made.
A week later, the Cormyr War Wizards arrive to deal with the broken Shadow Gate (that was sometimes making people turn into shadows and sometimes disintegrating them) and the Dusk Lord ‘s Passage (which sent people to the Shadow realm.
Comrmyr makes an alliance with the Sharptooth tribe, and some trade begins between the Lizardfolk and the people of Cormyr. Some of the mystery and danger is peeled away from the Vast Swamp , but most Cormyreans still wont go near the place. The PC’s gain fame among the War Wizards and Mystra’s clergy. The Highest level Uthgardt clerics may have used divination to scry how their powers were lost/gained but you don’t know yet.

Into the Rift

Swamp cabin
The party set off in the Necreme, following the lanterns to a dock and cabin set on the edge of a waterfall. Zen noticed the very fabric of magic was being torn. the damage was getting worse and the boat neared its desitnation. Ka’rl guided the skeletons to the cabin where Admaus and Ka’rl jumped off the boat to fight 2 canoloths. Gallifrey was able to move silently and use her slipper of spider climbing to get into position to flank the same canoloth Adamus was fighting. Ka’rl’s mythical axe came to life and set off a tremendous sonic boom that not only exploded his foe into thousands of pieces, but also filled the rift with a loud, deafening explosion. After making short work of this pair, the party made its way into the cabin, where they dealt with a 3rd canoloth that managed a sneak attack on the group.
Ka’rl deftly grabbed the canoloth’s tongue . Zen shot her magic missile (that looks like wispy black smoke) at it that traveled around the cabin, though the door, then to the target – she was able to point it by looking in the window. Gallifrey smashed the window and shot a bolt through it. Cesal jumped through the glass to attack it. . The party soon damaged it to the point where it ran way. They were not able to kill it before it bounded away, too fast for Gallifrey to follow.
Black dragon
After catching their breath, the party moved onto the walkway into the great unknown. After moving a for a bit, the shadowy gloom gave way to a huge tower sitting on a tremendous pile of bones. Just as the tower came into view, a large black dragon swooped in from what passes for a sky on the plane of shadow. This was an odd looking dragon, one with glowing runes on its body. Every ran to the tower full speed, Cesal in front. Ka’rl got stuck behind Adamus and the of them paid the price by getting hit with a cone of black shadow crystals that burned they bodies through their enchanted plate armor.
Bone golem
Cesal ran right into a large Bone Golem which immediately gave him mortal damage with 2 insanely large morning stars. Adamus rushed the vile automaton, stepping on the dying cesal’s head in the process. Gallifrey ran to her fellow tribesman’s aid and rescued him by using a magic healing potion. The party quickly surrounded the canoloth, while cesal deftly tumbled under the creature’s legs and out the opposite door. Surrounding the golem allowed them to flank it, but also made them susceptible to its devastating whirlwind attack. All except Zen who flapped her wings above , just out of reach. She rained down dragon breath and cones of steam breath, trying to take it down. Gallifrey’s attempts at crtical hits were negated by the creature’s un-life – it was magically animated!

Despite all the damage the party was doing, the creature would not go down. It have a mechanical system of applying blood packets to itself that was regenerating much of the damage the party was doing. With this in mind, Cesal (whose devastating mind powers had no effect on this mind-less creature) bravely went back into the room and nailed an impossible shot that broke the creature’s healing system. Soon after that the party took down the giant-sized bone creature.

Adamus and Ka’rl elected to head back to their boat, but the rest of the party refused to go back and subject themselves to a possible dragon attack. Zen particularly wanted to stay to recharge her magic spells.

Base XP Awards

  • Adamus gained 1200xp for 35210 total
  • Cesal gained 2250xp for 14750 total
  • Galifrey gained 1800xp for 20674 total
  • Ka’rl gained 1470xp for 26214 total
  • Zen gained 1470xp for 24203 total

Extra XP Awards


  • great roleplaying +300xp
  • death blow to golem +100 xp


  • avoiding Dragon +100xp
  • saving Cesal’s life +100xp


  • avoiding Dragon +100xp
  • for taking out the blood packet system on the Golem and fine roleplaying +300xp


  • 100xp for avoiding Dragon
  • good tactics re: fighting the golem and fine roleplaying 200xp


  • great roleplaying +300xp
  • successful smell check that saved the party from a sneak attack +100xp

Final XP Awards

  • Adamus gained 400xp for 35610 total
  • Cesal gained 400xp for 15150 total
  • Galifrey gained 200xp for 20874 total
  • Ka’rl gained 400xp for 26614 total
  • Zen gained 300xp for 24503 total
Riding the Necreme

After the party gained command of the boat, Necreme, they followed a series of lanterns across swampy waters. The perpetual gloom on the Shadow plane makes only on lantern visible at time. During this journey, they were attacked by an undead dragon turtle that the party eventually defeated. Many in the party were thrown into the water when the huge dead beast knocked into it, but it was not sunk. Eventually, the party got back in the boat and are continuing their journey. Gallifrey and Cesal are anxious to find out who’s behind the evil alliance between Shar and Cyric. Ka’rl is wondering what his visions re: Uthgardt mean and what has happened to his patron now that he has lost his spells and gained his deity’s weapon.

Zen is feeling like the very fabric of the magic weave she taps into is being torn. And the tearing is feeling more severe as the boat nears its destination.

Zombie Dragon turtle

Party kills a Zombie Dragon turtle.

Mm35 pg88a

XP Awards

  1. Adamus is awarded 1100xp (new level!)
  2. Gallifrey is awarded 1550xp
  3. Kar’l is awarded 1337xp
  4. Zen is awarded 1337xp
  5. Cesil is awarded 900xp (1/2 a characters share for a 4th level NPC)

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