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Features of the Plane of Shadow

The Plane of Shadow is strange, dark, and deadly. Travelers feel as if they can’t get warm, they hear and sense things that aren’t there, and they constantly feel as if they’re being watched. Remind the players from time to time of just how uneasy their characters feel during their sojourn in this forbidding plane.

In addition, the Plane of Shadow has the following traits.

Vision: There is no natural illumination on the Plane of Shadow, and unnatural gloom dominates the plane. Creatures with normal human vision can see dimly to a distance of 60 feet, and can’t see anything past that. (Consider this to be shadowy illumination, which means that targets within 60 feet have concealment, and targets more than 60 feet away have total concealment.) Creatures with low-light vision can see 120 feet, again in shadowy illumination. Creatures with darkvision see as usual for their darkvision range.

Illumination: The illumination ranges of all light sources, including spells that produce light, are halved on the Plane of Shadow. The Illumination and Sight Distances table on the following page gives you a quick reference for the most common light sources characters are likely to use on the plane. Note that shadowy illumination produced by a light source does not “brighten” the area a creature can see around itself.

Mildly Neutral-Aligned: A mildly neutral-aligned plane does not apply a circumstance penalty to anyone.

Enhanced Magic: Spells that have the shadow descriptor are maximized, as though the Maximize Spell feat had been applied, though they do not require higher-level spell slots or longer than normal casting times. Furthermore, specific spells are more powerful on the Plane of Shadow than they are elsewhere. Shadow conjuration and shadow evocation are 30% as powerful as the spells they mimic, not 20%. Similarly, greater shadow conjuration and greater shadow evocation are 70% as powerful, not 60%. Shades conjure creatures, objects, and effects that are 90% of the power of the original rather than 80%.

Impeded Magic: Spells that have the fire descriptor or the light descriptor are impeded (Spellcraft DC 20 + spell level to cast).

No Ethereal Connection: The Plane of Shadow does not connect to the Ethereal Plane, so spells and effects that use the Ethereal Plane (for example, blink) do not function here.

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